Myanmar (Burma) is a country located in Southeast Asia.  It is the 40th largest country in the world and is bordered by India, Bangladesh, China, Laos and Thailand.  Myanmar is the 24th most populous country in the world with over 60 million people. The official language is Burmese. The country was colonized by the British and gained independence in 1948. 

Critical Factors in Selecting Myanmar

  1. A well-known “Gold Culture” in Southeast Asia, many ancient Buddhist temples are literally gold-plated
  2. Immature exploration stage – no exploration completed in past 15 years, nominal work prior to 1997
  3. Vast areas of informal placer gold mining throughout the country
  4. Same geology as the Pacific Rim and southwest Pacific Islands
  5. Geology permissive for large gold deposits, surface gold occurrences widespread, and inefficient, small scale, high grade gold mines are widespread
  6. Reform Government since February 2011
  7. Canadian Government sanctions eased April 24, 2012
  8. Northquest is the first mover (literally)
  9. One permit application submitted (180 square km), others to follow

In 2012 Northquest completed two months of geological reconnaissance in Myanmar in order to prioritize areas for further work and applied for a 180 square kilometre permit known as the Kani Permitin central Myanmar. Northquest is waiting for the decision on the permit application and is also waiting for the country to publish a Mining Act.