• Management has global knowledge and experience in mineral exploration

  • Management has been exploring for gold for more than 25 years

  • Management employs a strategy of careful research, area selection, project acquisition, and exploration towards its goal of discovering valuable mineral resources

President's Message

Northquest Ltd. is a mineral exploration Company engaged in the identification, acquisition, and exploration of projects with the objective of discovering resources that can provide exceptional value to shareholders. The core project of the Company is the Pistol Bay Gold Project in eastern Nunavut Territory, Canada. The Company has completed exploration at Pistol Bay since 2011 and the results have been exceptionally good. My instincts tell me that we are going to drill out a series of gold deposits at Pistol Bay in the next few years as long as we can continue to raise the necessary exploration capital. In addition, the Company will continue to conduct research worldwide leading to new project acquisitions. Past projects have included gold exploration permits in Mali and the Company has submitted an application for an exploration permit in Myanmar (Burma). In Myanmar, the Company is both monitoring the progress of its exploration permit application and waiting for the government to publish a Mining Act. Accordingly, the Pistol Bay Project will be the main focus of the Company and the destination for all of the Company’s exploration funds for the foreseeable future.